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Illustration ( Rizal)

G20 Agriculture and Water Ministers Discuss Covid-19 Response

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Wahyu Dwi Anggoro • 14 September 2020 11:04
Jakarta: The G20 Agriculture and Water Ministers held a meeting on Saturday to further discuss the covid-19 response, food security, responsible agriculture investment and sustainable and resilient water management.
The ministers addressed these challenges to meet the goal of providing resources for the growing world population through sustainable development for a resilient and inclusive recovery.
The Ministers discussed ways towards increasing the sustainability of agriculture, including efforts to increase responsible investments to drive sustainable and inclusive growth in the agriculture and food sectors, as well as efforts to reduce food loss and waste.

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"They are determined to make agricultural and food systems more resilient and effective to fight malnutrition and the impact of the current pandemic to protect lives and livelihoods across all levels," the G20 Saudi Secretariat said in a press release on Sunday.
The Ministers stressed the urgency of ensuring the continuation of the food supply, safeguarding food security and nutrition, and ensuring access to safe drinking water and sanitation (WASH).
The Ministers also expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to share best practices on WASH to combat diseases such as covid-19 and acknowledged the work of the G20 Dialogue on Water.
The Ministers appreciated the discussions leading up to their meeting today and look forward to continuing their work towards solutions to today’s most pressing food and water challenges, ensuring food security and safe water access for all.

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