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RI Strives for Export Diversification in Pacific Countries: Ministry

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12 Juli 2019 19:17
Jakarta: Indonesia's Trade Ministry is working towards expanding the export market to Pacific countries by dispatching a business delegation to New Zealand on July 9-14, 2019.
"New Zealand and other Pacific countries are potential trade partners for Indonesia," Trade Ministry's General Director of Export Expansion Arlinda noted in a statement made available here on Friday.
The trade delegation to New Zealand highlights a mission to boost partnership with Indonesia through enhancing mobilization of people, goods, and services as well as connectivity between eastern Indonesia and the Pacific.

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The Indonesian government is facilitating 30 companies engaged in various businesses, including food and beverage, textile and fashion, energy, infrastructure, and services, finance, skilled labor agency, hotel, and aesthetics.
They will showcase their products at the First Pacific Exposition in Auckland, New Zealand, on July 12-14, with the target of business matching with their Pacific counterparts as well as building networking with potential buyers.
A total of 50 companies from 20 Pacific nations, including Indonesia, participated in the First Pacific Exposition held by the Indonesian Embassy in Wellington.
"One-third of Indonesian territory is located in the Pacific Ocean. Hence, we hope this event would increase Indonesia's presence and role in the region as well as push an integrated market in the Pacific," Arlinda noted.
The trade between Indonesia and the Pacific region had reached US$10.67 billion in 2018, or rose 3.05 percent, from $10.37 billion recorded in the previous year.
This year, trade during the January-March period was valued at $42.04 billion.
Australia, New Zealand, Timor Leste, Papua New Guinea, and Fiji are Indonesia's main export destinations in the Pacific, with several commodities and products, ranging from palm oil and tobacco to tires and electronic components.
In the meantime, coal, bitumen, dairy products, wheat, steel, and raw sugar are Indonesia's main imports from the region. (Antara)


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