Egypt is the 26th largest export partner for Indonesia. (Photo:MoFA)
Egypt is the 26th largest export partner for Indonesia. (Photo:MoFA)

Indonesia, Egypt Agree to Improve Economic and Consular Partnership

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Wahyu Dwi Anggoro • 28 Juni 2019 17:55
Jakarta: Foreign Ministry's Asia-Pacific Directorate General, Desra Percaya, chaired the sixth bilateral consultation between Indonesia and Egypt with Egypt's Assistant Foreign Minister for Asia and Pacific Islands, Hany Selim, in Cairo on Thursday.
During the forum, the two delegations evaluated the development of bilateral relationship of both countries in a number of sectors. In addition, they also discussed the regional and global issues that raise common concerns.
The meeting produced six Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs), including the establishment of Collective Commission Trial, Joint Trade Committee, as well as other partnerships in fisheries, health, energy, and defense.

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As an attempt to improve the market access for both countries' products, Indonesia and Egypt agreed to initiate the Joint Feasibility Studies as the probation stage for their Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA).
“Both countries possess the largest economic power in their respective regions. Indonesia can partner with Egypt as the market hub for its product distribution to Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Meanwhile, Egypt may put Indonesia to be the hub to penetrate the ASEAN market," Percaya said in a press statement released on Friday.
“We are currently encouraging our SOEs, including PT. WIKA and PT. INKA to be involved in the partnership opportunity with Egypt. We have facilitated a meeting between PT. WIKA and its potential partners in Egypt," he stated.
At the meeting, Indonesian government also delivered a discussion proposal to Egypt pertaining to Mandatory Consular Notification (MCN) as an attempt to improve Indonesian citizen protection in Egypt.
As the very first stage, both countries have agreed to form a consular dialogue team to discuss the countries' mutual interests.
Egypt is the 26th largest export partner for Indonesia. In 2018, the trade value of Indonesia-Egypt reached US$1.10 billion, from which Indonesia could secure US$893,808.40 surplus. The Indonesian citizens that reside in Egypt reach 7,991 people; 6,229 of whom are the Higher Education students, while 463 are the informal sector employees.?


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