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Govt Confirms One More Indonesian Hostage Freed by Abu Sayyaf

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Whisnu Mardiansyah • 16 Januari 2019 15:01
Jakarta: The Foreign Affairs Ministry on Wednesday confirmed that Abu Sayyaf militant group recently freed an Indonesian hostage named Samuel Saguni.
"Since 2016, 36 Indonesians have been abudcted in the southern Philippines. As of now, 34 of them have been rescued by authorities," the ministry's Indonesian citizen protection director Lalu Muhammad Iqbal said.
Samuel was rescued by Philippine authorities on Tuesday. The Indonesian fisherman was abducted by Abu Sayyaf militant group in September 2018.

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"He will be handed over to the Indonesian Embassy in Manila soon. He then will be brought back to Indonesia," the Foreign Affairs Ministry official said.
Iqbal underlined that the Indonesian government is committed to protect its citizens. He said that two Indonesian nationals are still being held hostage in southern Philippines.


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