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Evacuation Process of Indonesians from Wuhan Difficult: Official

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Atalya Puspa • 29 Januari 2020 12:35
Jakarta: The Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) called the process of evacuating Indonesian citizens (WNI) from Wuhan, China, difficult. There are international regulations that must be followed.
Expert Staff for Health Law at the Ministry of Health, Kuwat Sri Hudoyo, said that Indonesian citizens in Wuhan must follow the quarantine process. After that, they will be able to fly to Indonesia.
"Getting out of Wuhan is difficult. It might be conducted via land. Quarantine will be done for a two week incubation period and then they can get out of China," Kuwat told Media Indonesia on Wednesday, January 29, 2020.
According to him, the quarantine has to be carried out to ensure that the coronavirus does not enter Indonesia. After arriving in Indonesia, citizens of Wuhan will also undergo a period of quarantine before being allowed to carry out their normal activities.

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Kuwat stated that the procedure should be carried out to provide security to the people of Indonesia. This process also must be carried out strictly.
However, the process of evacuating Indonesian citizens from Wuhan is not under the authority of the Ministry of Health. The process in Wuhan will also follow the procedures set by the Chinese authorities.
"Evacuating will be under the authority of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Health examination in the country will be carried out by the Ministry of Health in accordance with the SOP (standard operating procedures). It is same as other people coming from China," added the Secretary of the Directorate General (Dirjen) for Disease Prevention and Control (P2P) at the Ministry of Health Achmad Yurianto.


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