Illustration ( Rizal)
Illustration ( Rizal)

98 Migrant Workers Return from Brunei

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Antara • 01 Mei 2020 21:34
Jakarta: The Indonesian Embassy in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam, facilitated the return of 98 Indonesian workers back home in the wake of the country having suspended several international flights to stem the spread of covid-19.
Indonesian Ambassador to Brunei Darussalam Sujatmiko dispatched the workers aboard a special flight of the Royal Brunei Airlines on Friday, May 1, 2020 to return home.
Brunei Darussalam has suspended some international flights, including to and from Indonesia, since mid-March to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

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Sujatmiko noted that the special flight provided was emblematic of the cooperation between the governments of Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam, and the Royal Brunei Airlines has mirrored the government's concern on the condition of the Indonesian workers amid the covid-19 pandemic.
The cost of the flight was borne by the workers.
"This is the Indonesian Embassy’s response to the request of the Indonesian migrant workers keen on returning home, but no flights to Indonesia were available owing to the suspension (of international flights)," he explained.
"We are optimistic that the migrant workers would stay healthy, take preventive measures against covid-19 transmission, and be ready to follow the health protocol for the covid-19 crisis in Indonesia, including a 14-day quarantine," he stated.
The special flight was provided to help Indonesian workers whose working contracts had expired but could not return home owing to the unavailability of flights to Indonesia.
Also benefited were migrant workers, who were laid off or whose wages were cut short due to the sluggish economy, as well as workers, who have served jail term in Brunei Darussalam.
Four migrant workers on the flight were pregnant, one of whom expressed intent on giving birth in Indonesia, in the presence of her husband, who had already returned home.
The embassy has provided gloves, masks, and health alert cards issued by the Indonesian Health Ministry. The card will be submitted to officials upon their arrival at the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. (antara)


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