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RI Urges Israel to Stop Illegal Settlements in Palestine

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Marcheilla Ariesta, Christopher Harindra • 20 December 2019 13:50
New York: Indonesia urged Israel to stop illegal settlements in the Palestinian territories. Through its role in the UN Security Council (UNSC), Indonesia requested that Resolution 2334 of 2016 be implemented immediately.
Indonesia's Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York, Dian Triansyah Djani, said Indonesia also wanted UN Security Council members to visit Gaza and the West Bank to see conditions there.
"I still don't understand why we can't make a visit there," Trian said in a statement received by on Friday, December 20, 2019.

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On the occasion, Trian emphasized several important points from Indonesia. First, the UNSC must be serious in implementing Resolution 2334.
"When the Council adopted this resolution three years ago, this resolution was made in the hope of a peaceful process according to international law and approval parameters," Trian said.
This resolution also maintains the status quo of Holy Sites in Jerusalem for both Islam and Christianity.
The second point, the need for concrete action to support Palestine. According to Trian, there needs to be a firm commitment to get peace based on the Two-State Solution.
According to Trian, it is time for the international community to reverse the negative trend towards Palestine.
"While we are defending the fate of the Two-State Solution, let us not forget the humanitarian crisis facing Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank and various refugee locations," Trian added.
In this case, he continued, Indonesia called on the entire international community to extend their support to the United Nations Agency that Regulates Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA).
"For Indonesia, the government and our people will always be there and together with our brother, Palestine. We support the Palestinian election plan, and hope that the unity of all Palestinians can make them achieve their dreams of being a Palestinian State," he concluded.

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