Bali Democracy Forum VIII Opening Ceremony (Photo: MTVN/Willy Haryono)
Bali Democracy Forum VIII Opening Ceremony (Photo: MTVN/Willy Haryono)

ISIS Prevails in Undemocratic Countries: VP

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Willy Haryono • 10 Desember 2015 13:25, Jakarta: Vice President Jusuf Kalla mentioned terrorism issue in his speech when he opened Bali Democracy Forum (BDF) VIII in Nusa Dua, Bali, today (12/10/2015). Kalla said there is connection between terrorism and democracy citing the emergence of terror groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS as example.
"Both grow in failed countries," said JK. "Afghanistan didn't implement democracy. When big countries invaded it, their structure collapsed," he added.
Meanwhile, ISIS started in Iraq and Syria, two countries that have many troubles. Instability makes radical groups like ISIS prevail.
Kalla explained western countries go to Iraq and Syria to establish democracy there but those countries try to create democracy by military actions which violates democratic values.
"Democracy cannot be built by violence," he said.
Kalla urged participant countries to learn about democracy from Indonesia. This year, BDF coincides with the first simultaneous regional elections in Indonesia. The Golkar politician said the election ran smoothly. "Which proves that democracy has been implemented well," he concluded.



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