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Ministry Offers Millions of Open Spots for Digital Training

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Antara • 23 July 2021 19:21
Jakarta: The Communication and Informatics Ministry (Kominfo) is presently offering millions of open spots for digital training participants, particularly for the National Digital Literacy Program.
"The development of human resources in the digital field has been the focus of Communication and Informatics Minister (Menkominfo) Johnny G. Plate in accordance with the President's directive to accelerate national digital transformation," the ministry's spokesperson Dedy Permady noted in a press statement here on Friday.
The quota for the National Digital Literacy Program covers 12.4 million people. Permady noted that currently, 1.9 million people are participating in this program, so openings existed for 10 million people to join.

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He elaborated that the National Digital Literacy Program comprised four modules: digital proficiency, digital etiquette, digital culture, and digital security.
"In this program, citizens can also learn how to make use of their gadgets, such as their phones, computers, and laptops, for positive and productive activities," Permady affirmed.
The program aims to reach 50 million people by 2024.
He echoed Menkominfo’s continued support to the digital human resource program, so that it could reach millions of participants during the pandemic.
To this end, Kominfo launched another program -- Digital Talent Scholarship -- targeting high school and fresh university graduates. The program offers more intensive training as compared to the National Digital Literacy Program.
Digital Talent Scholarship is open for 100 thousand people. Currently, some 56,921 people have registered.
Kominfo is launching these programs to maintain the citizens’ productivity amid the covid-19 pandemic. The long-term goal of the programs is to enable citizens to utilize the digital space in a productive manner and optimize the digital economy.

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