Illustration ( Rizal)
Illustration ( Rizal)

Nunukan Officials Confiscate 20 Kg Meth Smuggled from Malaysia

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Antara • 11 September 2019 16:52
Nunukan: The Nunukan Police in North Kalimantan seized 20 kilograms (kg) of methamphetamine smuggled from Malaysia and took two suspects into arrest on Thursday (Sept 3).
"The drugs were carried by a woman, identified as ES, and her friend SW from the neighboring country (Malaysia). It was placed in two packages covered with a plastic sack," Nunukan Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Teguh Triwantoro remarked here on Wednesday.
The police arrested the two women from Yusal's house, a workers’ agent on Borneo Street III, East Nunukan Village.

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Triwantoro confirmed it to be the biggest arrest made by the Nunukan Police.
The meth was smuggled from Tawau, Malaysia, by ES and kept at Yusal's house prior to its intended distribution to Nunukan District, he revealed.
The police have named ES as a suspect in the smuggling case, while three others -- SW, Yusal, and Ridho -- were questioned as witnesses in the case.
SW claimed to be unaware of the meth packed in the plastic sack. She also claimed that ES had offered her a job as a domestic worker in Tawau.
He stated that ES is liable to receive maximum life term. (Antara)


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