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Public Participation Important for Fight against Covid-19

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Antara • 18 Mei 2020 17:17
Jakarta: Presidential Chief of Staff Moeldoko emphasized that the government would encounter difficulties in countering the covid-19 pandemic in the absence of active participation of the public.
"Without public participation, the government will face difficulties in the fight against the pandemic," Moeldoko noted in a statement here on Monday, May 18, 2020.
The presidential chief of staff commended the initiative to edify and encourage the people to become actively involved in the fight against covid-19, including in the development of the 10 Safe Houses application in several regions.

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"Alhamdulillah (Thank God), the 10 Safe Houses Program has been developed in some cities across the country. Each of them works in accordance with the respective capacity," he remarked.
The community-based 10 Safe Houses application was initiated by the Presidential Staff Office and developed in some regions.
The application contains information on covid-19 and serves as a reference for the public to handle the outbreak, including the self-screening application, to monitor the potential of covid-19 transmission in each region.
It also involves suppliers of basic necessities, including vegetables, to help farmers, as well as telemedicine consultation and open public donation through the Wahid Foundation. The suppliers comprise Sayur Box, Cakap, Kimia Farma, Mediv-Kimia Farma, Alfa Group, Alfamind, DAV, and Prima Freshmart.
In Madiun Regency of East Java, a resident of Taman Village, Tatok Raya, initiated the distribution of free essential goods to those reeling from the impact of the pandemic.
Raya has placed some stocks of rice, instant noodles, eggs, edible oil, and sugar in the veranda of his house for the neighborhood’s residents.
RMG Madiun, a restaurant in the regency, distributes free meals to the poor to reduce the economic burden owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.
During the Ramadhan fasting month, the restaurant distributes 300-350 packs of meals on a daily basis. (antara)


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