Illustration ( Yohandi)
Illustration ( Yohandi)

GBHN's Reintroduction Not Necessary: Law Expert

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Faisal Abdalla • 15 Agustus 2019 12:36
Jakarta: Constitutional Law expert, Bivitri Susanti, questioned the plan to reintroduce State Policy Guidelines (GBHN).
Bivitri predicts that the introduction will not bring about any benefits. She also believes GBHN is not compatible with modern political system.
“If the speculation of GBHN system returning to be implemented is true, then what benefits
will it bring about for the people? Because it won’t have any positive effects,” said Bivitri
during a discussion titled “Constitutional Amandement: People’s Interest and Power
Struggle’ in Central Jakarta, on Wednesday.

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Before the reformation era, the People's Consultative Assembly (MPR) was the country's highest state institution which was authorized to elect the president and formulate the GBHN. At the time, MPR also had the authority to dismiss the president for violating the GBHN.
In this era, MPR is no longer the highest state institution in the country. In addition to that, the president is elected directly by the people.
The reformation era's MPR does not have the authority to dismiss the president. The law concerning the dismissal of the President currently is stricter and more complex.
The president can only be dismissed under certain conditions, including committing corruption or treason. The president can only be removed through judiciary process by the Constitutional Court (MK).
“suppose that GBHN was forced to be applied together with the current state
administration system. If the president violates the GBHN, what can be done? The answer is
we can do nothing because the president is no longer elected by MPR,” she said.
“There is nothing wrong with questioning the plan. What benefits will it bring? Why do the political elite insist on reviving this so-called GBHN. There must be something behind it,” she added. (Translator: Muhammad Gestinev)


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