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Crime Rates Dip during Covid-19 Crisis: National Police

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Antara • 09 April 2020 20:55
Jakarta: National Police spokesman Sr Comr Asep Adi Saputra pointed to a substantial decline in crime rates, violations, and disruption of community order as well as the security situation during the covid-19 pandemic.
"The community order and security situation are, in general, conducive," Saputra stated at Graha BNPB in Jakarta on Thursday, April 9, 2020.
Saputra expounded that 4,197 crimes took place in the 13th week, dropping to 3,743 in the 14th week. This indicates a decrease of 11.03 percent in crimes.

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Meanwhile, 301 violations were committed in the 13th week, while 139 violations in the 14th week, thereby registering a 53.82-percent drop in the crime rate.
Furthermore, 69 incidents of disturbance of community order and security situation were recorded in the 13th week, and 45 in the 14th week, thereby indicative of a 34.78-percent decrease.
"The community order and security situation at this time is highly conducive. Incidents of criminality, violations, and disturbance of community order and security situation significantly decreased," he pointed out.
Furthermore, the Indonesian National Police conducted a special police operation codenamed "Operation Safe Nusa Dua" to contain the spread of covid-19.
"The operation aims to detect, prevent, handle, rehabilitate, enforce the law, and carry out police operational assistance, specifically oriented towards thwarting the spread of covid-19," Saputra emphasized.
This was reinforced by the announcement of the Chief of National Police No. 2 III of 2020 on compliance with government policies in handling the spread of covid-19. In its implementation as a philosophical basis, this notice refers to the principle of people's salvation that is the highest law.
People are prohibited from conducting social activities that attract throngs of people both in public places and the adjoining areas. (antara)


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