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Govt Has Recorded 93 Thousand Dengue Fever Cases This Year: Ministry

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Atikah Ishmah Winahyu • 02 November 2020 15:01
Jakarta: The rainy season is likely to increase the number of cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF), according to the Indonesian Ministry of Health.
As of October 27, the total number of dengue fever cases in Indonesia has reached 93,178, while the death toll across the country has reached 645.
According to the Ministry's Director for Prevention and Control of Vector-borne and zoonotic diseases Didik Budijanto, to anticipate the spread of dengue fever, the ministry has prepared three measures, namely vector control, tigthened surveillance, and capacity improvement.

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"We need to control the life cyle of the mosquitos," Didik told Media Indonesia here on Sunday.
In addition, due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic in the country, health workers are being trained to be able to differentiate dengue fever and covid-19 symptoms. 
"Covid-19 and dengue fever have similar symptoms. One of them is fever. We need to tell our colleagues at hospitals and public health centers," he stated.

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