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Illustration ( Rizal)

Flight Services Resume in Sorong City

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Antara • 17 June 2020 12:52
Sorong: The Sorong city administration in West Papua Province reopened public access to flight services to and from the city under a stringent implementation of the covid-19 and healthcare protocols.
The city administration arrived at the decision after a meeting with related authorities, Sorong Mayor Lambert Jitmau notified journalists on Wednesday.
"Hotels, restaurants, and food stalls are also allowed to reopen. To this end, we are issuing an official letter on June 23, 2020," he noted, adding that two aircraft will operate daily at the Sorong airport.

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The incoming flight to Sorong will merely be allowed on the Sorong-Jakarta route, while flights from Sorong to other cities and towns in Papua and West Papua were not limited.
Jitmau emphasized that the resumption of public access to aviation services and other public facilities in Sorong City will be strictly monitored.
To this end, the police and military personnel will be deployed to help community members abide by the mandatory coronavirus protocols.
The community members should not panic. Instead, they can resume their routine activities by practicing preventive measures as necessitated in the covid-19 protocols.
"They, for instance, are required to avoid mass gatherings, maintain physical and social distancing measures, and always wear face masks," he stated. (antara)

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