Muhammadiyah chairman Haedar Nashir ( Mustaqim)
Muhammadiyah chairman Haedar Nashir ( Mustaqim)

Muhammadiyah Chairman Rejects Amien's Call to Take Sides in Elections

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Ahmad Mustaqim • 26 November 2018 15:59
Jakarta: Muhammadiyah chairman Haedar Nashir has reiterared that the Islamic organization will stay neutral during the 2019 simulaneous general and presidential elections.
"Muhammadiyah is still the same. It is still neutral," the influential cleric told reporters on Monday.
"Muhammdiyah will stand above individuals. It will stay out of politics," he added.

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Earlier this month, former Muhammadiyah chairman Amien Rais urged the Muhammadiyah leadership to take sides in the upcoming elections. In his speech, the National Mandate Party (PAN) founder said they should endorse pro-government or opposition candidates.
"If you remain silent, I will pinch your ear," the former People's Consultative Assembly (MPR) speaker said during Muhammadiyah's 106th anniversary event last week.
Indonesia will hold the first ever simultaneous presidential and general elections on April 17. Voters will pick the president and lawmakers on the same day.


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