Home Affairs Minister Tjahjo Kumolo (Photo:MI/Pius Erlangga)
Home Affairs Minister Tjahjo Kumolo (Photo:MI/Pius Erlangga)

Regional Officials Asked to Reject Eid Gifts

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17 Mei 2019 19:39
Jakarta: Home Affairs Minister Tjahjo Kumolo has issued a circular asking all regional heads and officials to reject Eid Al Fitr gifts given because of their official positions, in order to prevent criminal acts of gratification.
"Hereby, we have been asked to instruct all ASN (civil servants)/ DPRD (Regional Legislative Council) Members to reject gratuities in the form of money, gifts / parcels, facilities etc. related to [their official] positions and contrary to their obligations or duties," said Kumolo in a circular received in Jakarta on Friday.
In terms of Eid gifts, which include perishable food, the Minister of Home Affairs said the gifts could be handed over to social institutions as assistance.

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The submission of assistance must also be reported to the Gratification Control Unit (UPG) of each local government, accompanied by an explanation and documentation of its receipt.
"Furthermore, the UPG must report the recapitulation of gratification receipts to the KPK within 30 working days from the date of receipt of the said gratification," he added.
In addition to instructions to refuse Eid gifts, the Minister of Home Affairs also requested regional heads and regional officials not to submit proposals or requests for funds, donations or gifts as Holiday Allowances (THR).
Regional officials have also been prohibited from using official cars and other official facilities to travel home and for other personal needs during the Eid holiday.
To reinforce these instructions, the Minister of Home Affairs drafted two circular letters, SE Number 003.2 / 3975 / SJ dated May 16, 2019, addressed to the Governor and Chairperson of the Provincial DPRD, and SE Number 003.2 / 3976 / SJ dated May 16, 2019, addressed to the district heads / Mayors and Chairpersons District/ City DPRD.
The SE was issued to follow up on the letter from the Chairperson of the KPK Number B / 3956 / GTF.00.02 / 01- 13/05/2019 dated May 8, 2019, concerning the Appeal for Prevention of Gratification Regarding Religious Holidays. (Antara)


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