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School Buildings Must be Disaster Resistant: NGO

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Intan Yunelia, Christopher Harindra • 10 November 2019 21:06
Jakarta: The roof collapse incident at a State Elementary School (SDN) in Pasuruan City, East Java, concerned many parties. There are many school buildings that do not meet disaster-resistant standards.
The founder of the Safe School of Indonesia, Yanti Sriyuliarti conveyed that school building standards has been regulated by the Minister of Education and Culture Regulations (Permendikbud) number 37 of 2019 concerning the Disaster Safety Education Program. However, she admitted that many do not fully implement the building standards.
"Earthquake resistant buildings can be checked and schools must also involve parents to help. In order to save their children, preparedness is always key. Safety is a priority," Yanti told on Friday, November 8, 2019.

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Yanti said in the future, the government must be more careful in overseeing the construction of government buildings, educational facilities, and infrastructure. So, what happened in Pasuruan does not happen again.
"Must really pay attention to the future, so it does not happen again," stressed Yanti
Moreover, Yanti said around 90 percent of regions in the country are prone to disasters. Educational facilities must be designed to be resilient to disasters.
"The facilities must be safe because the Indonesian National Board for Disaster Mitigation (BNPB) said that over 90 percent of regions in Indonesia are at high risk of earthquakes," she concluded.



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