Japanese Ambassador to Indonesia Masafumi Ishii (Photo:Medcom/Sonya)
Japanese Ambassador to Indonesia Masafumi Ishii (Photo:Medcom/Sonya)

Japan to Send 1000 Athletes, Officials to Asian Games

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Marcheilla Ariesta • 16 Agustus 2018 18:58
Jakarta: Japanese Ambassador to Indonesia Masafumi Ishii has revelaed his country will send around a thousand athletes and officials to compete in the upcoming Asian Games.
"The contingent consists of around 1,000 people. It includes officials," said the Japanese diplomat in Jakarta on Thursday.
The contingent will be led by Toshiaki Endo, vice president of the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic organizing committee. The athletes also will be accompanied by representatives of Japanese Olympic Committee.

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The 2018 Asian Games will take place in Jakarta and Palembang from August 18-September 2. It will include 462 events in 40 sports.
According to the Indonesia Asian Games 2018 Organizing Committee (INASGOC), Jakarta and its nearby regions will host most of the events. In the meantime, Palembang will host football, tennis, canoeing, rowing, sepak takraw, bowling, sports climbing, beach volleyball, shooting and roller sports.


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