Govt to Hold National-Level Interfaith Forum
The forum will be held in Jakarta city in February 2017 (Photo: Zulfikar Fazli)
Jakarta: The Special Presidential Envoy for Interfaith Dialogue and Intercultural Cooperation (UKP-DKAAP) will hold a national-level interfaith forum in Jakarta city in February 2017.

"We will promote interfaith tolerance and national unity. We will invite as many as 450 religious leaders," said UKP-DKAAP head Din Syamsuddin in Central Jakarta on Thursday morning.

"They will represent various religions. They will come from various regions," he added.

Din was officially named as UKP-DKAAP head last year. He was widely known as an influential figure in the country.

"We don't ignore the facts. We still find interfaith conflicts. Some people misunderstand religious teachings. They ignore the key values," he explained.


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