7099 West Java Residents Evacuated Due to Floods, Landslides

Roni Kurniawan 14 November 2018 16:59 WIB
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7099 West Java Residents Evacuated Due to Floods, Landslides
Illustration (Photo:Medcom/M Rizal)
Jakarta: Authorities have evacuated 7,099 people affected by landslides and floods that recently hit a number of regions in West Java province.

"Most of them stay in mosques and other buildings. Only few of them stay in tents," West Java Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency Dicky Saromi told reporters on Wednesday.

"We have sent medicines and foods. Local government have prepared tents, boats and water treatment facilities," he added.

According to the government, the beginning of rainy season will occur in November-December 2018. In the meantime, the peak of rainy season will occur in January-February 2019.

In the past few days, floods hit Bandung, Cimahi, Depok and other nearby regions. Besides that, landslides hit Gentong, Tasikmalaya and Naringgul, Cianjur.

13 regions in West Java are reportedly prone to floods. They are Cianjur regency, Bandung regency, Kuningan regency, Cirebon regency, Majalengka regency, Sumedang regency, Indramayu regency, Subang regency, Purwakarta regency, Karawang regency, Bekasi regency, Bandung city and Cimahi city.


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