The key to national economic growth is investment and not the State Budget (APBN).
The key to national economic growth is investment and not the State Budget (APBN).

President Jokowi Urges National Police to Guard, Secure Investment

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Antara • 03 December 2021 16:33
Jakarta: President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) urged the Indonesian National Police (Polri) to optimally guard and maintain all aspects related to investment in the country, as the major driver of economic growth.
Jokowi made the statement at a briefing to the heads of the police regional units in Badung District, Bali on Friday.
"Investment is an important instrument to drive our economic growth. Our target for this year is Rp900 trillion, while the target is Rp1,200 trillion in 2022. I want to entrust all ranks of Polri from the central to the regions to guard the investment properly," Jokowi remarked.

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The head of state emphasized that the key to national economic growth is investment and not the State Budget (APBN).
"The APBN only affects approximately 15-18 percent of our economic growth. Do not be mistaken. This means that 85 percent of the money circulated and our economic growth are in the private sector and state-owned enterprises," he remarked.
Jokowi urged the police to guard and assist to handle any disturbances in the investment process in each region.
"If there is a disturbance in investment areas, please guard and assist it to help the government realize the investment," he emphasized.
Jokowi affirmed that investment was currently also being channeled in regions outside Java Island.
"Since 2021, investment in Java has reached 48 percent, while investment outside Java was 51.7 percent. It used to be more than 60 percent in Java," Jokowi noted.
The president also urged the National Police Chief to monitor all regional police chiefs in Indonesia to safeguard investments in the existing ones, those in the pipeline, and the ones that had recently arrived.
The Police Chief should warn the Regional Police Chief and replace him in the event of failing to properly oversee and guard the investment process, he said.
"I entrust the National Police Chief to replace the Regional Police Chief if he cannot oversee and guard the investment. I am sorry but he must be replaced," Jokowi stated.

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