Jayabaya (Photo: Medcom.id/Octavianus Dwi Sutrisno)
Jayabaya (Photo: Medcom.id/Octavianus Dwi Sutrisno)

Jayabaya, the Rp1 Billion Pigeon

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Octavianus Dwi Sutrisno • 04 Juli 2019 13:24
Depok: Pigeons are some of the most popular pets in Indonesia. People usually keep them as house pets or racing pigeons. High-quality racing pigeons sometimes cost millions or even billions.
One of them is a racing pigeon recently bought by a man named Robby Eka Wijaya (34). The Depok resident spent Rp1 billion to buy a racing pigeon called Jayabaya. The story quickly went viral and came to the notice of media.
Robby claimed that Jayabaya's price is reasonable. According to him, Jayabaya is not a regular racing pigeon. In the past few months, the brown-colored pigeon has won many national-level tournaments.

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"I have monitored this bird for a long time. I closely observed Jayabaya's performance in national events. Jayabaya has different abilities compared to other racing pigeons," Robby said here on Wednesday.
"It is only two years old. But it already has a good stamina. Its winning percentage is around 80 percent," Robby added.
This weekend, Jayabaya will take part in a national-level event in Pangandaran, West Java. It will be its first tournament after the purchase. The bird will compete against thousands of other racing pigeons.
"It doesn't get special treatments. It eats once a day. I give it corns and brown rice. It is also given vitamins and supplements," Robby noted.


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