KPK Deputy Chairman Nurul Ghufron. Photo: MI
KPK Deputy Chairman Nurul Ghufron. Photo: MI

KPK-BPK Immediately Discuss PT ASABRI's Corruption Allegations

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M Sholahadhin Azhar, Christopher Harindra • 15 Januari 2020 19:07
Jakarta: The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) immediately follows up the calculation of the potential loss of the state at the Indonesian Armed Forces Social Insurance Company (PT ASABRI) from the Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia (BPK). Representatives of the two agencies immediately met.
"This afternoon they (BPK) will discuss internally. Tomorrow, Thursday (January 16, 2020) they will coordinate with the KPK," said KPK Deputy Chairman Nurul Ghufron in Jakarta on Wednesday, January 15, 2020.
According to him, the BPK was finalizing the findings of the amount lost by the state-owned enterprise (BUMN). This problem will get serious attention from the Anti-Corruption Institution.

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"We have coordinated intensely to handle this case," said the former Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Jember (Unej), East Java.
Meanwhile, the BPK estimated the loss of PT ASABRI to reach Rp16 trillion. However, the BPK still needs to deepen the calculation of state losses.
"It's just an estimate, the BPK is gathering data and information," said BPK member Harry Azhar Azis.
The alleged corruption at PT ASABRI was revealed by the Coordinating Minister for Politics, Law and Security (Menko Polhukam) Mahfud MD. He pushed for this case to be processed by law enforcement.
"Yes, I heard that there was a corruption issue in ASABRI which might not be as crazy as the Jiwasraya (PT Asuransi Jiwasraya) case, above Rp10 trillion," Mahfud MD said on Friday, January 10, 2020.
According to him, this intention was in line with President Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo's desire that law enforcement focus on solving high profile corruption cases. He will report this case to the KPK or Attorney General's Office.
He explained that the state-owned company had the task of serving the payment of pensioners from the military, police, and the Ministry of Defense. If the allegations of corruption are proven, he considers this case very embarrassing.
"Soldiers who work tooth and nail, leaving the place for a long time, after retirement are miserable. That's the right of soldiers (Pension Fund)," explained Mahfud.


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