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Central Java Police Deny Entry to 655 Vehicles: Official

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Antara • 27 April 2020 23:03
?Semarang:Police in Central Java turned away 421 cars and 234 motorcycles from the province on Monday, April 27, 2020, the third day of the "2020 Ketupat Candi" Operation, to enforce the temporary ban on ‘mudik’ (homebound travel).
Cars and motorcycles coming from outside Central Java were stopped by policemen at 13 checkpoints, set up on several toll road and non-toll road sections inside the province's territory, and asked to turn back, according to Central Java Police spokesperson, Sen.Coms. Iskandar F. Sutisna.
Policemen also screened vehicles coming from outside Central Java before allowing them to continue their trip, as part of the government's temporary ban on homebound travel during the fasting month of Ramadhan and the Idul Fitri holiday season.

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All over Central Java, 277 security and surveillance checkpoints have been set up for the purpose. On the Trans-Java toll road section, two checkpoints have been set up at the Pejagan and Sragen exit toll gate to stop cars carrying homebound travelers.
According to Sutisna, homebound travelers arriving from Jakarta and Bandung (West Java) were being screened at the Pejagan exit toll gate, while those traveling from Surabaya (East Java) were being checked at the Sragen exit toll gate.
Director of the Central Java Police's Traffic Division, Sen. Coms. Subandriya had said earlier that the police would prevent vehicles arriving from West Java, Yogyakarta, and East Java, but would not close the Trans-Java Toll Road.
Police officers would thoroughly check incoming cars, he informed.
"If they are categorized as homebound travelers, they will be urged to turn back," he stated, adding that police will first check cars at the Pejagan toll road section and then again at the Brebes Timur Toll Gate.
To this end, the Central Java Police is coordinating with police precincts near the toll road and non-toll road sections, such as Cilacap and Brebes, to monitor vehicles heading to and coming from West Java, Magelang, and Prambanan, which share borders with Yogyakarta, as well as Wonogiri, Sragen, Blora, and Rembang, as a precautionary measure to handle the flow of vehicles from and to East Java.
The central government officially implemented the 'mudik' ban at 00:00 hrs Western Indonesia Time (WIB) on Friday, April 24, 2020. The ban excludes the movement of logistics, drugs, officers, fire engines, ambulances, and hearses. (antara)


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