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Two Philippine-Flagged Fishing Boats Detained in Sulawesi Sea

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24 Mei 2019 17:33
Jakarta: Two Philippine-flagged vessels were detained by the Marine and Fisheries Affairs Ministry in Sulawesi Sea on Thursday (May 23) for alleged breach of fishing regulations in the waters.
"Patrol ship Hiu 015, led by skipper Aldi Firmansyah, impounded the two vessels in the Indonesian fisheries management zone (WPP) in Sulawesi Sea," acting Director General of Fisheries and Sea Resources Monitoring of the Marine and Fisheries Affairs Ministry Agus Suherman noted in a statement here on Friday.
The two foreign vessels -- FB Golden Boy, with four Filipino crew members onboard, and FB Girlan, also carrying Filipino crew members -- were detained at 8 a.m. local time for allegedly conducting illegal fishing activities in the Indonesian waters, Suherman noted.

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Officials also confiscated some 125 kilograms of tuna fish from the two ships.
The two vessels were found to have committed alleged violation of Law No. 45 of 2009 that amends Law No. 31 of 2004 on fishery that carries a maximum six-year prison term and Rp20 billion in fine.
"The ships and crew members will be escorted to North Sulawesi's Fisheries and Sea Resources Monitoring Station for further investigation," Suherman noted.
During the January-May period, the ministry had seized 32 foreign fishing ships, of which 15 are Vietnam-flagged ships, 14 Malaysia-flagged ships, and three Philippine-flagged vessels.
In addition to the two Philippine vessels, KP Hiu 015 had impounded four illegal fishing tools. (Antara)


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