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Illustration ( Rizal)

Govt Plans Aggressive Action to Check Transmission: Covid-19 Task Force

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Antara • 01 April 2020 21:25
Jakarta: Government spokesperson for covid-19 handling, Achmad Yurianto, said his party will resort to more aggressive measures to identify new coronavirus infections and prevent widespread transmission in the community.
"Next, (our) commitment will be even more aggressive, isolation will be done to break the chain of transmission (to prevent infections from spreading) more widely in the community," Yurianto said at a press conference on Wednesday, April at the BNPB building, Jakarta.
In order to detect new cases more quickly, the government has prepared 360 referral hospitals from the government, military, national police, state-owned enterprises, and private sector, he said.

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In addition, the government has mobilized 5,000 health workers to investigate the epidemiology of the infection by tracing all those who’ve had contact with positive patients.
At least 4,750 rapid test kits have been distributed to various regions, and they will serve as an initial check for identifying positive cases, Yurianto stated.
A total of 6,500 samples have been sent by the government to 34 laboratories across Indonesia for testing and diagnosis, the government spokesperson revealed.
“This (testing and diagnosis) will consume a lot of energy and human resources, and this will continue to be done," Yurianto said.
Yurianto also asked people to heed to appeals made by the central and regional governments on observing social distancing and maintaining hand hygiene — steps which have proven effective in preventing the spread of covid-19.
As of Wednesday afternoon, April 1, 2020, 1,677 people have tested positive for covid-19 in Indonesia, with 103 patients making a full recovery. The number of deaths stands at 157. (antara)


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