Vice President Jusuf Kalla (Photo:Medcom/Dheri)
Vice President Jusuf Kalla (Photo:Medcom/Dheri)

Govt to Rebuild Regions Affected by Sunda Strait Tsunami

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Achmad Zulfikar Fazli • 09 Januari 2019 17:57
Jakarta: Vice President Jusuf Kalla has said that costs of rehabilitation and reconstruction due to the Sunda Strait tsunami may reach around 1-2 trillion rupiah.
"We are still calculating the exact number. It is between 1-2 trillion rupiah," Kalla told reporters on Tuesday, January 9, 2019.
On December 22, a tsunami smashed five regencies in Banten and Lampung provinces. According to authorities, the tsunami was triggered by the eruption and partial collapse of the Anak Krakatau volcano.

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The tsunami killed more than 400 people in the two provinces. It also damaged thousands of houses and infrastructures in the affected regions.
Anak Krakatau lies in the Sunda strait between Sumatra and Java islands. The name means the Child of Krakatoa in Indonesian language.


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