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Personnel Should Intensify Security to Avoid Fires: National Police Chief

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Antara • 25 August 2020 12:33
Jakarta: Chief of the National Police General Idham Azis issued a telegram bearing instructions to his men to beef up security to avoid fires at police stations throughout Indonesia.
"It is true," he remarked when contacted by Antara on Tuesday to seek confirmation on the telegram.
Copies of the telegram, dated August 24, were addressed to three-star generals, top officials of the National Police Headquarters, two-star generals, and provincial police chiefs.

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The telegram was shot is a response to the fire conflagrating the main building of the Attorney General's Office (AGO) in South Jakarta last Saturday night (Aug 22).
In the telegram, the National Police chief instructed his ranks and files to take precautionary measures to avoid fire at the National Police Headquarters, Provincial Police Headquarters, Regency/City Police Stations, and Police Precincts across the country by increasing security there.
"Ensure that command stations are safeguarded from the threats of sabotage, terrorism, and other criminal offenses," he emphasized.
Moreover, Azis instructed his men to check electrical installations, including air conditioners, computers, and electronic devices at the command stations, to ensure they are free from the dangers of fire. In addition, they are also urged to install fire extinguishers at certain strategic locations.
"Ensure that the fire extinguishers are functioning well," he stated.
The police chief also instructed the police stations to maintain data reserves of all important documents and data in digital files.
Azis further instructed on-duty police officers to conduct routine patrolling of all buildings of the police stations to ensure they are free from the dangers of fire. (antara)

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