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Illustration ( Rizal)

Papua's Young Doctors Urged to Pursue PhD

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Antara • 04 Oktober 2019 20:08
Jayapura: The Papua provincial government has encouraged the province's young medical doctors, especially native Papuans, are encouraged to take up masters and PhD programs in medical sciences at reputable universities.
"Sending these young doctors is important. The Papuan children must improve their quality of education, especially in medical sciences," Papua provincial administration secretary Hery Dosinaen remarked here on Friday, October
According to him, after completing this postgraduate program, these young medical doctors will strive to meet the dire requirements of local health centers and hospitals throughout Papua to help bring about an improvement in the medical services offered to local people.

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He revealed that the related authority within the provincial administration is currently conducting a comprehensive study on the total budget requirement for this program and the number of young doctors to be sent to participate in the program.
He also noted that Native Papuan medical doctor Ronal Aronggear, successfully obtaining a professional degree in surgery, is expected to serve as an inspiration and motivation to more members of Papua’s young generation to master medical sciences.
Sufficient well-educated medical doctors and specialists, especially those from native Papuan communities, are direly needed at health centers and hospitals in the provinces of Papua and West Papua.



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