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Illustration ( Rizal)

Gerindra Says Legislative, Presidential Elections Should be Held Separately

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Anggi Tondi Martaon • 04 Februari 2020 15:56
Jakarta: Great Indonesia Movement (Gerindra) Party hopes the next legislative and presidential elections will be held separately. The party believes the move will improve the country's electoral system.
"It will improve the security of the public and the election participants," Gerindra Party lawmaker Sodik Mudjahid said here on Tuesday, February 4, 2020.
The lawmaker also proposed a plan to separate national and local elections. He argued that the plan will promote diversity in the country.

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"It will be part of our diversity. Besides separating local and national elections, we can also separate legislative and executive elections," he explained.
The government and the House of Representatives plans to revise the Law Number 7 Year 2017 on General Elections. They will evaluate the simultaneous legislative and presidential elections last year.
In 2019, Indonesia held a simultaneous legislative and presidential elections for the first time in its history. This year, Local elections will held simultaneously in nine province, 37 cities and 224 regencies.


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