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Kalla Proposes 2 Solutions to Improve Indonesian Electoral System

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14 Mei 2019 11:51
Jakarta: Vice President Jusuf Kalla has proposed two solutions to improve upon problems faced during Indonesia’s 2019 elections in which more than 450 polling station workers died.
"The two solutions are the separation of types of elections and developing a closed legislative election system. Therefore, the parties can choose good candidates," Vice President Jusuf Kalla stated at the Vice President’s Office in Jakarta on Monday.
Jusuf Kalla opined that the complexity of counting votes for legislative elections caused many polling workers to die.

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Meanwhile, polling group (KPPS) officers should recount the votes for each legislative candidate at central, provincial and district levels.
"Unification of legislative elections from central, provincial, and district levels through open systems causes polling group officers to work for long periods," he explained.
In addition, the Vice President said that the numbers of political parties in the 2019 elections increased, compared to the 2014 elections. As a result, polling workers had to work extra hours to count the candidates’ votes.
"So, the main problem is not in the presidential elections, but in the legislative elections. The number of political parties in the 2019 legislative elections increased from 10 parties in 2009 to 16 parties this year," he added.
Therefore, a study of the 2019 election should be conducted to develop better systems for the next elections.
Indonesia held its first-ever simultaneous general and presidential elections on April 17. Voters elected the president, vice president and members of national and local legislative bodies on the same day.
Based on the official data from KPU, as many as 192 million people were eligible to vote this year. In the meantime, more than 800 thousand polling stations were open across the country.
Similar with the 2014 presidential race, this year's presidential race was only contested between Jokowi and Prabowo. Five years ago, the former Jakarta governor won 53 percent of the votes against the former Army general.
According to reports, all quick count surveys from respectable pollsters showed that Jokowi is the likely winner of the 2019 presidential race. However, Jokowi urged his supporters to wait for KPU's official announcement on May 22.



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