Babel Governor Meets Families of Downed JT610 Flight Passengers
Bangka Belitung Governor Erzaldi Rosman ( Yona Hukmana)
Jakarta: Bangka Belitung (Babel) Governor Erzaldi Rosman met with families of passengers from the downed Lion Air flight JT610 at Kramat Jati Polri Hospital in East Jakarta on Wednesday.

"Authorities will identity the bodies. The family members then can bring the bodies," Erzaldi said.

"We should trust the process. We should not hurry," he added.

The Boeing 737 Max 8 crashed in waters near Karawang on Monday morning. It went down in waters about 30-35 metres deep.

The aircraft departed from Soekarto-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta to Pangkalpinang, Babel at 06:20 AM Western Indonesia Time (WIB). It lost contact with air traffic control around 13 minutes after taking off.

A total of 189 passengers and crew members were likely killed in the incident. 128 of them were Babel residents.



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