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Jakarta Police Thwart Attempt to Traffic 310-Kg Meth

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Antara • 12 May 2021 16:09
Jakarta: The Central Jakarta Police managed to avert an illicit drug trade allegedly involving Middle East and African syndicates and apprehended two suspects and confiscated 310 kilograms of methamphetamine.
Jakarta Metro Police Chief Inspector General Fadil Imran noted in a statement here on Wednesday that the meth was allegedly produced in Iran and controlled by a syndicate in Nigeria.
The arrest was made after the police received a tip-off on planned drug transaction in Central Jakarta, and the drug was brought to Jakarta from Aceh by means of land transportation.

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"Based on the Central Jakarta Police's investigation, we received information that the drug dealer suspect will carry the meth in a white Daihatsu Gran Max van, with plate number B 9419 CCD," Imran revealed.
The police followed the suspects to obtain further information on the destination and receiver of the illicit drug.
On Saturday, the police arrested two suspects, identified by their initials as NR alias D and HA alias A.
"It was a surprise when we searched the van, and we found a large quantity of drugs, specifically 310 kg of methamphetamine," he revealed.
The suspects admitted that the meth was transported from Aceh and was intended to be distributed in Jakarta through N1 Hotel on KS Tubun Street, Petamburan, Central Jakarta.
The two suspects are Jakarta’s residents, who played their roles as drug dealers, Imran revealed.
They will be charged for violation of Law No. 35 of 2009 on narcotics that carries a maximum prison term of 20 years or death sentence.
The police worked in cooperation with the Drugs Enforcement Administration (DEA) to crack down on drug trafficking.

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