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MPR Supports Govt for Recovery of Health, Economic Sectors

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Antara • 14 Agustus 2020 17:00
Jakarta: People's Consultative Assembly (MPR) Speaker Bambang Soesatyo emphasized that the institution he led entirely supported the government for facilitating the swift recovery of health and economic sectors impacted by the covid-19 pandemic through synergized policies.
The establishment of the Covid-19 Handling Commission and National Economy Recovery (PEN) is one such measure since both issues are inseparable within the response of this ongoing outbreak, Soesatyo remarked.
"Thus, we need to balance the response in terms of both health and economic issues. Note that the health sector must remain our priority, as economic problems would be easier to overcome with a healthy condition," Soesatyo affirmed during his remarks during the annual session held at the Parliamentary Complex of Senayan, Jakarta, Friday.

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Soesatyo believes that Indonesia should have taken a cue from the experiences of some nations on handling the covid-19 pandemic that health response would only lead to complex economic problems, with a likelihood of endless recession.
According to the Central Bureau of Statistics of Indonesia (BPS), the country's economy in the second quarter of 2020 contracted 5.32 percent as compared to the corresponding period last year in the wake of disrupted economic activities.
"The World Bank noted that covid-19 had plunged the world into the worst-ever recession far more than those experienced during the war periods in the last century," Soesatyo remarked while citing the World Bank report on early June.
The speaker urged the nation to be cooperative to support government policies, especially in the real sectors, such as easing funding for businesses, both small- and large-scale.
Soesatyo additionally called upon the government to keep recession under control by stepping up forms of social assistance and economic packages for businesses. (antara)

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