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DPR to Establish Special Committee on Capital Relocation

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Fachri Audhia Hafiez, Christopher Harindra • 16 September 2019 12:58
Jakarta: The House of Representatives (DPR) are set to establish a special committee regarding the transfer of Indonesia’s capital. The creation of said council is to be discussed in a plenary meeting this afternoon.
“So what we want to determine is the special committee. So it is not yet the law,” DPR Commission II chairman Zainuddin Amali said here on Monday, September 16, 2019.
Zainudin said the government had sent a letter to the DPR along with the studies regarding the relocation plan. The DPR responded to the letter by forming a special committee.

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“The names have been pocketed. Then we will have a meeting.” said the Golkar Party politician.
Amali said the committee will be tasked with reviewing the results of government studies related to the transfer of the capital to East Kalimantan. He emphasized that the discussion will not touch the legal aspect of the new capital development
“Not yet about the law, it is still about reviewing the results of government studies. From there we can see the DPR’s stance regarding the governments assestment” he said.
He explained that the special committee will comprise 30 members. The special committee members from PDI Perjuangan are the highest with a total of six people. Golkar has five people, while the rest are filled by other parties.
“I am one of the five (members of the special committee from Golkar),” he said.
According to Amali, it has not been decided who will lead the special committee team. The members of the council will first meet and decide regarding the leadership of said special committee, including the chair of the special committee.
According to Amali, the special committee will not experience problems despite the DPR nearing the end of their tenure. Because, the special committee will only study the matter of moving the capital based on government reports.
The deadline for the review by the special committee was set until 30 September 2019.



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