PA 212 Chairman Slamet Maarif (Photo: Pythag Kurniati)
PA 212 Chairman Slamet Maarif (Photo: Pythag Kurniati)

212 Group Leader Named Suspect for Campaigning Violation

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Pythag Kurniati • 11 Februari 2019 18:50
Jakarta: 212 Alumni brotherhood (PA 212) chairman Slamet Maarif has been officially named as a suspect for violating the Law No. 7/2017 on General Election.
"He will be summoned as a suspect on Wednesday," Surakarta Police head Senior Commissioner Ribut Wibowo told reporters on Monday.
Slamet allegedly campaigned for presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto during a mass rally in the Central Java city of Surakarta last month. According to article 492 of the 2017 General Election Law, anyone is prohibited to campaign outside the designated campaign period.

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"We had retrieved the video footage of the event," the police official said.
Surakarta Police determined the suspect status of the conservative cleric last week. According to reports, Slamet is listed as a member of Prabowo's national campaign team.
"We also had retrieved the organizational structure of Prabowo's national campaign team," he said.
Indonesia will hold the first-ever simultaneous general and presidential elections on April 17. Voters will elect the president, vice president as well as members of national and local legislative bodies on the same day.


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