Lombok Island has an adequate electricity grid.
Lombok Island has an adequate electricity grid.

PLN Committed to Providing Electricity for Mandalika World Superbike

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Antara • 18 October 2021 18:03
Jakarta: State-owned electricity provider PT PLN (Persero) has completed all requisite preparations to provide electricity to the Mandalika International Street Circuit (MISC) that will host the last series of the 2021 World Superbike (WSBK).
PLN Regional Business Director for Sulawesi, Maluku, Papua, and Nusa Tenggara provinces Syamsul Huda informed that his side had completed the commissioning test as the final electricity preparation stage.
"The commissioning test is required to examine all aspects of the built components, for instance, functions, durability, and so on," he noted in a statement here on Monday.

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Earlier, the company had completed building the electricity infrastructure at the end of August 2021, while the test was conducted in September 2021.
"The results show that the infrastructure is feasible to operate. Thus, we are 100-percent ready to supply electricity for the international event,” the regional business director remarked.
Furthermore, Lombok Island has an adequate electricity grid to supply an average peak load of 270 megawatts and available power capacity of 376.8 megawatts for the event.
In addition, Huda noted that a power reserve of 106 megawatts is sufficient to meet the electricity demand in West Nusa Tenggara Province.
The cooperation will serve MISC with an apparent power of 5.19 megavolt amperes from three main electricity lines.
For implementation of the 2021 World Superbike and 2022 MotoGP, PLN has made preparations for a zero downtime scenario that entails a multi-layer electricity supply system to avoid any disruption as well as to maintain the reliability and quality of electricity in the Mandalika area.
In addition to the three lines that are currently ready to operate, the company is preparing an Uninterruptible Power Supply to support the zero downtime scenario.
“It shows our commitment to providing the best service, so that the WSBK event can run safely and smoothly," the regional business director noted.

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