NasDem lawmaker Yessy Melania
NasDem lawmaker Yessy Melania

Youth Urged to Help Develop Indonesia

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Arga sumantri • 30 Oktober 2019 12:57
Jakarta: NasDem party lawmaker Yessy Melania urged young people to become agents of change that can help develop the nation. The message was given during a forum with several students from West Kalimantan province.
Yessi said that the country's younger generation possesses great energy, vision, high technology literacy and great responsiveness. She added that young peooke must be given motivation so they can become agents of change.
“They can become agents of change who can help make Indonesia an advanced country.” the House of Representatives member said here on Tuesday, October 29, 2019.

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During the forum, Yessy highlighted the issue of land and forest fires in Indonesia. She invited the public to help resolve the issue.
“Young people should play an important role in increasing public awareness,” she said.
Yessi also urged the Ministry of Environment and Forestry to draft a regulation to prevent the issue. She also proposed a regulation concerning agricultural investment.
“They should make a regulation to attract foreign direct investment in agriculture without neglecting the environmental aspect,” she said.
Yessi also mentioned the relocation of the capital city about which she admitted that shewas delighted. According to Yessy, the relocation can bring about positive changes to Indonesia.
“This will bring about positive changes such as the increase of the national investment
climate and economic development,” she said. (Translator: Muhammad Gestinev)


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