PPP acting chairman Suhaso Monoarfa ( Yona Hukmana)
PPP acting chairman Suhaso Monoarfa ( Yona Hukmana)

Suharso Monoarfa Planning to Withdraw from Wantimpres

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21 Maret 2019 14:55
Bogor: Suharso Monoarfa stressed he will resign from his position as member of the Presidential Advisory Council (Wantimpres) to focus on expanding the reach of the United Development Party (PPP) and remaining in parliament.
"After being confirmed as acting chairperson, I will set aside a lot of time for overseeing and checking PPP activities in all regions in Indonesia. In order to focus (on these areas), I will withdraw from the Wantimpres," Monoarfa remarked in response to reporters's questions at the Mukernas III PPP location in Cisarua, Bogor, West Java on Wednesday night.
Monoarfa stressed the need to revive the PPP to ensure its continued existence and to secure seats in the parliament, for which the party must exceed the parliamentary threshold requirement.

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According to Monoarfa, with only 27 days left for the the 2019 Election, he will visit all regions in Indonesia to supervise and check the work of the party structure -- the DPW and DPC PPP -- throughout Indonesia.
"I will strive to be a driving force to raise the PPP. I will obey the decisions in the Congress, as it is a party decision. However, I will also supervise and check the work of our brothers in the provinces and districts of the city," he remarked.
Monoarfa asserted that during the remaining period of less than a month in the run-up to the 2019 Elections, he would serve as a driving force to raise the party, but he also requested structures in the region, especially the DPW and DPC, to be compact, loyal, and aggressive in raising the party.
Monoarfa reminded that the PPP was a major party in the New Order era and the start of reformation era. The PPP won 59 seats in the 2004 elections and finished fourth.
"This is a fact, recorded in history, and there is a blueprint," he pointed out.
However, in the subsequent elections, its votes and parliamentary seats continued to decline. This must be a learning experience for all cadres to make corrections and then try hard to get up to raise the party. (Antara)


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