House of Representative (Photo: MI)
House of Representative (Photo: MI)

DPR Cannot Go Forward with Their Attitude

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Al Abrar • 22 Agustus 2015 10:48, Jakarta: The People's Representative Council (DPR) is hoped to listen to the voice of the public, which criticized the plan of seven mega-projects worth Rp1.6 trillion. Let alone, it was the public who selected the House's members.
"If DPR is an institution representing the aspiration of the people, the public protest should become one of the important aspirations to be considered. DPR can't move forward with their attitude, as if they have forgotten that their position just suddenly given without the roles of the public voice who had chosen them," said the researcher for the Public Care Forum for the Parliament (Forum Masyarakat Peduli Parlemen/Formappi), Lucius Karus, to, Friday (8/21/2015).
He expected that the House had made a certain commitment with a particular party. "So there is something that can't be postponed as they have involved transactions," he explained.

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If DPR continues to fight for the construction of seven projects worth Rp1.6 trillion, with the reasons of defending the people's rights, it was clearly a trickery. "It is the DPR's deceitful tag line to push forward with their private and group missions," Lucius said.
President Joko Widodo through the Secretary of the Cabinet Pramono Anung requested DPR to reassess the development of the seven projects. "President requested immediate report of reassessment," said the Secretary of the Cabinet Pramono Anung at the Presidential Palace Complex, Jakarta, Thursday (8/20/2015).
The seven projects are comprised of the democracy plaza, museum and library, access road for visitors to the DPR Building, visitor center, construction of the legislative research center, construction of the members' and expert staffs' chambers, as well as the integration between the residential and workplace of DPR members.


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