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Development of Four Leading Sectors Can Boost Investment: KEIN

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15 Juli 2019 18:34
Jakarta: The National Industry and Economic Committee (KEIN) has recommended the government to prioritize the development of four sectors that can become leading contributors to boost the investment climate within the next five years.
KEIN Deputy Chairman Arif Budimanta noted here on Monday that agriculture, maritime, tourism, and creative economy were the four sectors.
"The government should focus on development in the agriculture downstream industry, including forestry. Second, focus on development of the maritime sector, including fisheries. Third, focus on the tourism sector, and fourth, investment in creative economy," Budimanta emphasized after the launch of the digital payment application AIQQON at the Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI).

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Budimanta explained that development of investment in the four sectors will offer added value to the country's natural resources and create job opportunities.
"If we speak about agriculture, creative economy, maritime, and tourism, all of them are related to the people's economy, daily economic activities of the Indonesian people," he pointed out.
However, other sectors should not be overlooked. The government is also required to invest in the petrochemical and basic metal sector.
Investment in information and communication technology is also viewed as being crucial since it has been recorded as the third-largest in terms of imports after oil and gas and food in the country's trade balance.
"Valiant efforts should be made to develop the information and communication technology sector for the development of 5G. Take the example of Korea that has been developing 6G since last January. Perhaps, we can get involved there," Budimanta stated. (Antara)


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