Jokowi to Launch Online Single Submission System This Week

Yogi Bayu Aji 04 Juni 2018 15:58 WIB
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Jokowi to Launch Online Single Submission System This Week
Illustration (Photo: Ant)
Jakarta: Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Darmin Nasution has confirmed his ministry will launch the online single submission (OSS) system later this week.

"We will launch the program this week. We will see the schedule of President Joko Widodo," said Darmin in Jakarta on Monday.

OSS is intended to simplify investment regulations in all levels. It is expected to boost investement growth in the countrty.

During the initial period, the system will be supervised by the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs. After that, it will be operated by the Investment Coordinationg Board (BKPM).

The launching has been postponed several  times due to lack of supporting infrastructures.

The government has issued a number of economic policy packages in the past few years. It also has agreed investment cooperation with various countries.


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