Illustration ( Rizal)
Illustration ( Rizal)

Minister Calls for Acceleration of Renewable Energy Development

Antara • 13 August 2020 19:04
Jakarta: Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Arifin Tasrif has called attention to the criticality of expediting the development of renewable energy in Indonesia as a precautionary measure against the looming economic and energy crises.
Not only Indonesia but also several other countries in the world have adopted precautionary measures for the development of renewable energy, Tasrif noted in a statement here on Thursday.
Tasrif cited the example of India that has formulated numerous programs pertaining to the development of renewable energy.

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"They have a strong commitment to reform the energy sector. Of course, this will reduce gas and coal consumption, as we know that we export coal to India," he pointed out.
Bioenergy is among the potential sources of renewable energy that can be converted into electricity. The energy source has the potential to produce 32.6 gigawatts (GW) of electricity, though currently only 5.8 percent, or some 1,895.7 megawatts, had been explored.
"Bioenergy is an important source in future, especially after we run out of oil and gas. Bioenergy is an energy source that we can rely on. Do not think about today, but in future, when oil will become too expensive, then we will use this bioresources," Tasrif explained.
The construction of the Red and White catalyst plant in Bandung, West Java, is the first national catalyst plant in the country.
A catalyst is a substance to expedite the rate of chemical reactions at certain temperatures used in the processing of oil and gas products. The Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) has developed the catalyst since 1982.
The plant is expected to meet the demand in the oil refinery, chemical, petrochemical, and energy industry.
Other potential renewable energy sources that had yet to be utilized optimally are geothermal, with a potential of 23.9 GW; wind energy, 60.6 GW; hydro energy, 75 GW; solar energy, 207.7 GW; and ocean energy.
"The renewable energy potential of our oceans is almost 18 GW but had yet to be utilized," Tasrif stated.
Earlier, at a virtual discussion held in Jakarta, the minister affirmed that only 2.5 percent, or some 10.4 GW of the total 417.8 GW of the country’s renewable energy potential had been explored. (antara)

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