PT Dahana (Persero) president director Budi Antono ( Ayu)
PT Dahana (Persero) president director Budi Antono ( Ayu)

Indonesian Company to Build Explosives Factory in Timor Leste

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Annisa ayu artanti • 12 November 2019 19:13
Jakarta: PT Dahana (Persero) president director Budi Antono has revealed that the state-owned company is set to build an explosives factory in Timor Leste in 2020.
""We will build an expolosives factory in Timor Leste next year," the PT Dahana CEO told a press conference here on
Tuesday, November 12, 2019.
According to him, the company's representatives have visited Timor Leste a number of times. In the near future, a follow up dicussion will be held in Indonesia.

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"People from Timor Leste will come here on November 13 or November 15. We will hold negotiations," Budi noted.
The factory is needed to supply explosives for infrastructure projects in Timor Leste. The total cost of the project is around 10-15 trillion rupiah.
"Timor Leste is a mountainous region. So they need to build tunnels," he remarked.


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