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Pupuk Indonesia Planning to Export 1.9 Million Tons of Fertilizer This Year

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22 Maret 2019 12:05
Karawang: State-owned fertilizer producer PT Pupuk Indonesia has targeted to export some 1.9 million tons of fertilizer this year, which is almost equal to that of last year.
"Our (exports) in 2018 reached about 1.9 million tons. (Exports) this year will be equal to those of 2018," Pupuk Indonesia President Director Aas Asikin Idat said in Karawang, West Java, on Thursday.
The exports are the remainder of subsidized fertilizers which were not distributed for one year, the Pupuk Indonesia boss said.

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"But we will give priority to domestic needs, particularly in the food sector," he said.
The 1.9 million tons of fertilizer exports in 2018 comprised 1,141,720 tons of urea, 143,558 tons of NPK, 659,705 tons of ammonia as well as 12,090 tons of ZK.
The government has assigned PT Pupuk Indonesia to distribute as many as 8.8 million tons of subsidized fertilizers this year.
The company's fertilizer exports last year went to a number of Asia-Pacific countries such as Vietnam, Bangladesh, China, Thailand, New Zealand and so on.
Quoting a recent report from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), Indonesia recorded a trade surplus of US$330 million in February 2019, it was its first surplus since October 2018.
The country's exports stood at US$12.53 billion in February 2019. It decreased by 10.03 percent compared to January 2019.
The country's non-oil and gas exports stood at US$11.44 billion in February 2019. It decreased by 9.85 percent compared to January 2019.
According to BPS, Indonesia recorded a trade deficit of US$8.57 billion in 2018. It was the highest ever recorded by the agency.
The country's exports reached US$180.06 billion in 2018. The number increased by 6.65 percent compared to 2017.
The country's non-oil and gas exports reached US$162.65 billion last year. The number increased by 6.25 percent compared to the previous year. (Antara)

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