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Indonesian Furniture Producers Urged to Expand Their Export Market

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Antara • 21 April 2021 14:28
Sidoarjo: Indonesian Trade Minister Muhammad Lutfi has urged domestic furniture producers to expand their export market, particularly amid the covid-19 pandemic.
"The presence of PT Integra (Indocabinet?)?????? is very important since it is one of the largest furniture manufacturers in Indonesia and most of its products are exported," he said while seeing off a shipment containing PT Integra Indocabinet's furniture exports to the United States in Sidoarjo, East Java on Tuesday.
The minister promised to help companies in resolving problems to increase exports.

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In addition to the US, other export markets for Indonesian furniture, such as China, are still widely open, he pointed out.
"This is what we call value change. We improve the system to make business costs cheaper, easier, and better. I will appoint a representative who will be responsible for PT Integra to ensure its exports in larger quantities," he said.
He refuted claims that it is more difficult to get raw materials in Indonesia than in Vietnam. 
In fact, the US market for Indonesian furniture has expanded after the US imposed sanctions on Vietnam, which is the largest furniture exporter in Southeast Asia, he stated.
"Vietnam has received a sanction from the US for obtaining wood raw material illegally," he stated.
Meanwhile, PT. Integra Indocabinet CEO Halim Rusli said the COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for furniture manufacturers to find markets and many of them have gone bankrupt.
"Every month, PT. Integra Indocabinet. Tbk exports one thousand containers of furniture, with the US as the main export market. More than 85 percent of our furniture production is to meet foreign orders. On average, our exports reach Rp4 trillion per year," he added. 


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