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Sri Mulyani Optimistic Inflation Maintained

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Eko Nordiansyah, Christopher Harindra • 03 Desember 2019 15:11
Jakarta: Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati is optimistic that inflation this year would be maintained. Inflation can even be lower than the government’s target of 3.5 percent.
"I did not want to make a projection. But I think it is still within that range. It will be below 3.5 percent," the former World Bank managing director here on Tuesday, December 3, 2019.
"Currently, it is now below 3.27 percent," she said.

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She added Christmas and New Year holidays will usually increase inflation. Nevertheless, Sri Mulyani believes inflation can still be controlled and reach the target.
"Usually December picks up a little," she explained.
The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) recently announced that Indonesia recorded an inflation rate of 0.14 percent in November 2019. It also revealed that Indonesia's annual inflation rate stood at three percent last month.
According to BPS chairman Suhariyanto, 57 cities surveyed by the agency experienced inflation, while other 25 cities experienced deflation.


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