The Finance Ministry building complex (Photo: MI/Susanto)
The Finance Ministry building complex (Photo: MI/Susanto)

Sri Mulyani Inaugurates 499 Finance Ministry Officials

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Husen Miftahudin • 14 Juni 2019 17:11
Jakarta: Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati led an inauguration ceremony of 22 echelon II officials and 477 echelon III officials on Friday, June 14 2019.
"The global economy is always changing. The national economy is dynamic. Trade disputes can happen without warnings. We must stay vigilant," the former World Bank managing director said.
"These officials have passed a rigorous selection process. They have proved their competency, track record and integrity," she noted.

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This week, the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) released the May 2019 inflation figure of 0.68 percent with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) of 137.40.
Inflation is caused by the price increase of all expenditure group indexes, namely the groceries group by 2.02 percent; processed foods, beverages, cigarettes and tobacco group at 0.56 percent; housing, water, electricity, gas and fuel by 0.06 percent; clothing group by 0.45 percent; health group by 0.18 percent; education, recreation and sports group by 0.03 percent; and the transportation, communication and financial services group by 0.54 percent.
Inflation occured in 81 cities out of 82 cities, while 1 city experiences deflation. The highest inflation occurred in Tual, Maluku by 2.91 percent with CPI of 159.00 and the lowest in Kediri, Central Java by 0.05 percent with CPI of 130.10. While deflation in Merauke, Papua was 0.49 percent with CPI of 139.44.
The inflation rate for the calendar year (January-May) 2019 is 1.48 percent and the year-on-year (yoy) inflation rate is 3.32 percent.
The core component in May 2019 experienced inflation of 0.27 percent. The inflation rate for the core component of the calendar year (January-May) 2019 is 1.17 percent and the inflation rate for the core component year-on-year (May 2019 to May 2018) is 3.12 percent.


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