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Govt Urged to Focus to Labor Intensive Industry

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13 Juni 2019 20:04
Jakarta: A delegation of the Indonesian Businessmen's Association (Apindo), at a meeting with President Joko Widodo (Jokowi), put forth an advice to the government to direct its attention to the labor intensive industry.
"We told (the president) that the development of human resources does not solely concern vocation. However, the most crucial aspect is to create job opportunities," Haryadi Sukamdani, the Apindo chairman, stated while addressing the press after meeting with the president at the State Palace here on Thursday.
Investment in the country over the past decade has focused on the capital intensive industry, he pointed out.

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In the meantime, Indonesia's manpower has reached 130 million.
"This is what we have conveyed. Notably, the government should conduct an assessment of our manpower law," he remarked.
Apindo also highlighted the issue of taxation, specifically added value tax and income tax rates.
"Discount of nearly 50 percent, for instance, should be given on the income tax rate for the labor intensive industry. This will offer a stimulus to labor intensive industries to expand their businesses," he remarked.
Sukamdani revealed that the president had informed Apindo of the government's plan to review the Manpower Law.
Jokowi was accompanied by Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung, Presidential Special Staff Erani Yustika, Coordinator of the Presidential Special Staff Teten Masduki, businessman Erick Thohir, and Wishnu Tama of the media at the meeting with the Apindo delegation. (Antara)


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